NBA champion Golden State Warriors will have fans along San Francisco's

The Golden States Warriors are strutting through San Francisco Monday in the wake of securing their fourth title in eight years with a triumph over the Boston Celtics in the NBA Finals.

It's whenever the Warriors first are commending a title in the city, home to the Chase Center, as the past three title marches wound through Oakland.

That choice was met with some disappointment from East Bay fans who saw their group get across the Bay after the 2019 season.

Francisco Vasquez and Carlos Morales, both of San Jose, made the early-morning trip.

"We got up at 3 toward the beginning of today," Vasquez said. "My better half is as yet frantic."

Across the Bay, Patty Kwea was one of many fans clad in blue and gold jumping on a BART train in Walnut Creek after her drive in from Dixon

"Dislike we haven't done this previously," said Kwea. "Yet, this is the best."

"Wow," it read concerning Klay Thompson's joke during a live meeting after the Warriors fixed the title Thursday night.

Title 3

Discussing desserts, Mia Barton and her child Andrew of San Bruno flaunted their sign on Market Street only for the event.