Pizza Ordering Application using Python With Source Code

The Pizza Ordering Application using Python is python based project. This project is developed using python. Pizza Management System contains a Python Script (, images, and a database file.

Pizza Ordering Application using PythonThis Project is GUI based desktop application in Tkinter and is very User-friendly to understand. the pizza Ordering Application using Python contains an admin login area, the system is not functional for the admin section. But the users can register and log in to make orders for pizza items.

Project Pizza Ordering Application
Language Python
Tool used Python IDLE

About  Pizza Ordering Application using Python

Python is a versatile language that you can use to create a variety of applications, including a pizza ordering application. This application will allow users to select their favorite pizza toppings and then place an order for delivery or pickup. You can use the source code provided to create your own pizza ordering application.

Pizza Ordering Application using Python Features!

  • Registration
  • Admin Login
  • User Login
  • Delivery
  • Pick Up
  • Select Pizza
  • Quantity
  • Order
  • Address

How to run Pizza Ordering Application using Python

  • You will have to download & install the Python IDLEs, here’s the link.
  • Extract the zip file.
  • Open the extracted folder
  • Locate the py file.
  • Then open the file via python IDLE.
  • Run the py file to launch the program.

Free Download Pizza-Management-System

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